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Old Franklinton Cemetery

The Franklinton Historical Society held a reenactment of Colonel Robert Culbertson's funeral on the 200th anniversary of his death on April 14, 1821. The walking funeral procession began from his home to the Old Franklinton Cemetery, where he lies at rest. 

Later in the year, the Sons of the American Revolution honored the War of 1812 veterans with a military ceremony and salute. The Ohio Daughters of the Revolution were also present. 

Colonel Robert Culbertson was a Revolutionary War officer and a wealthy Pennsylvania landowner. He arrived in Franklinton in 1801. The following year he was elected Representative to the First Ohio General Assembly from Ross County, where Franklinton was then located. In March 1803 he made a motion that a new county “be stricken off" from northern Ross County, to be called Franklin County. Subsequently, the General Assembly enacted a law creating the new county with Franklinton as the county seat. Colonel Culbertson acquired Franklinton lot 123 in 1804 and constructed a brick house in 1807.  He lived here during the War of 1812 when Franklinton boomed as headquarters of the Army of the Northwest Territory under Brigadier General William Henry Harrison. He and his wife, Elizabeth, and their large family occupied the brick house until his death at the age of 82 years.

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