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Sons of the American Revolution - Old Franklinton Cemetery

War of 1812 reenactment in Old Franklinton Cemetery

Franklinton during the War of 1812

Franklinton was a busy and prosperous settlement during the War of 1812 being the central headquarters and supply depot for General William Henry Harrison's army. The settlement took on a military appearance with soldiers and volunteers being organized here by General Harrison and Governor Meigs to be sent north to the front. The centrality of Franklinton was helpful for General Harrison to conduct business here, with information able to reach various parts of the region on horseback within days. With news of General Hull's surrender at Detroit, an important conference with three Generals convened here with the arrival of Ohio and Pennsylvania troops and Kentucky dragoons. Up to three thousand troops were collected with military inspections held in the Public Square for readiness to march to the northern borders. Franklinton was also being fortified as settlers in outlying districts came to the settlement for safety from Indian and British attacks. 


At the same time, in 1812, the city of Columbus was being laid out as the Capitol of Ohio on the high-bank east of the Scioto, opposite Franklinton on land owned and contributed by four Franklinton residents and with council from Lucas Sullivant.

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