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Horse driven hearse at Colonel Culbertson's funeral reenactment.

Looking forward to seeing you
with great new programming

Our past programming was only the beginning of great presentations from Franklinton's history. The Franklinton Historical Society has exciting new programming to share with you and your friends in the this new year!


Author & Professor, Robert M. Owens: Mr. Jefferson's Hammer, William Henry Harrison

Author and Professor of History at Wichita State University, Kansas, Robert M. Owens gave an informational  presentation about William Henry Harrison and the Origins of American Indian Policy.


Lost Franklinton Church Found

Jarrod Burks, Ph.D., director of Archaeology Geophysics, Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc., presented ground-penetrating information regarding the location of the Old Franklinton Church within the Old Franklinton Cemetery.


The Burning Tree Mastodon

Dr. Brad Leper, curator of Ohio Archaeology at Natural History Connection, gave an in-depth look at the excavation of the Burning Tree Mastodon and the first peoples of Franklinton.

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The Ghosts Franlinton

October brought out ghostly old friends as new friends mingled within the Old Franklinton Cemetery.


Road to Wapatomica

Author Bob Hunter presented his latest book showing a modern search for the Old Northwest.


Murder & Mayhem

Nellie Kampmann, local historian gave us a murderous view of Columbus, Ohio.


How Sandusky Street Became State Route 315

Cornell Robertson, Franklin County Engineer, presented us with a view of Sandusky Street before its excavation into State Route 315.


Trouble on the Scioto Waters by Janet Shailer

Author and historian, Janet Shailer gave us a glimpse into the past century about Ohio's waterways and how people navigated the Scioto River.


Catholic History of Franklinton

J. Michael Finn gave an informative presentation about the Early Catholic History at Holy Family Church of Franklinton.


Evolution of Sandusky Street and State Route 315

Howard Wood, Assistant Director, of the Ohio Department of Transportation presented a visual excavation of the 315 expressway through Franklinton.


Christmas at the Harrison House

The Franklinton Historical Society held Christmas 2022 at the Harrison House with old-fashioned storytelling, caroling, lots of baked goodies, and apple cider for all.


Franklinton: The Before Times

Randy Rodgers gave a presentation of the Natural History of Franklinton before its Settlement in the late 1700s.

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